Baby Star Safety Gate 安全膠門欄

Baby Star Safety Gate 安全膠門欄
HK 669.00


Baby Star 安全門欄可防止寶寶進入廚房或任可潛在危險的地方. 門欄闊度可因應您家中的門框或走廊調校.



- 兩個方向亦可開關

- 靠壓力把4角固定-無需要鑽孔

- 附有第2度安全鎖 

- 自動關門

- 面板上的EVA生果形狀配對遊戲給寶寶更多樂趣



大約闊26.8" ~ 31.5" X 高36.2" /  闊68 ~ 80 X 高92厘米(沒有伸延件)

大約~闊35" / 闊88.9厘米(1件伸延件)

大約~闊38.6" / 闊98厘米(2件伸延件)

大約~闊42" / 闊106.7厘米(3件伸延件, 需另外購買)

大約~闊45.7" / 闊116.1厘米(4件伸延件, 需另外購買)

The Baby Star safety gate is a great option for keeping your little one

out of kitchen or any potential hazard place. It adjusts to fit various door

frames or corridor in the house. 


- Two way opening

- Four-point pressure fit - no drilling required

- Secondary lock

- Auto Swing Shut

- Fruit-shaped EVA block sorter on the panel gives extra fun


Product size:

Approx. W26.8"~31.5" X H36.2" / W68 ~80 X H92cm (No Extension)

Approx. ~W35" / W88.9cm (With 1 Extension)

Approx. ~W38.6" / W98cm (With 2 Extension)

Approx. ~W42" / W106.7cm (With 3 Extension, purchase separately)

Approx. W45.7" / W116.1cm (With 4 Extension, purchase separately)